Fred Strangebone

I say

Comedy character; Fred Strangebone “Loveable Goon” (A younger theatre), “on the buses era Bowie” (Time Out) was born in the Jack the Ripper exhibition at a well known London tourist trap, the peculiar child of Willo the Wisp and Dot Cotton. He has since created a weird world of dark humour and comedic discomfort on the comedy/cabaret and the fringe theatre scene.

They say

"Comedy genius, has us laughing from the very first moment." - London Pub Theatre ★★★★

"Ridiculous, sinister, freakish and broadly comedic by turns and executed with Chaplinesque skill and timing. Charcter driven comedy at its best." - Broadway Baby

"The beauty of comedy is that everybody in the room is having a great time... hilarious and heart-warming." - A Younger Theatre 

"A hilarious mingling of the grotesque and the absurd, delivering more laughs than a hyena on nitrous oxide." - Horror Hothouse