Theatre Shows

 Theatre Shows


Honky Bonk Comrades

Working with two emerging masters of clown comedy, Dan Lees and Neil frost (The Establishment) Ben created some brilliantly surreal shows, The Honky Bonk Comrades, The Honky Bonk House of Horror and the Honky Bonk Beatles. Delighting crowds with their inspired lunacy at the arts festivals of Edinburgh, Glastonbury, London, Brighton, Leicester and Prague.

Gonzo Moose

Working with Gonzo moose really gave Ben the chance to explore and test his comedic performing range. Touring with them introduced him to the fans that the company’s body of work has accrued over the years, with visual comedy, dramatic storytelling and physical theatre. Audiences around the country loved ‘The Thing That Came From Over There’ which toured for three seasons.

Creation Theatre - The Wind in the Willows

Ben played a socially unhinged version of Badger in an adaptation of his favourite children’s story. Oxford-based Creation are a family-like company with a very big heart that beat at the core of this enchanting show.